GLAM GLAM GLAM...Continued


Some recent shots i did of Deacon. I did some of kyson, but he ran like the wind from me, so they didn't turn out very nice. More to come.


Yes, it has taken months if not a year or more since we last posted. I agree with you all. We are crappy at posting to this thing. Sheree and I have agreed to try to be better at it and that I will also take more photos of our kids lives.

I missed a few months of Kyson's and regret each month that goes by that I don't record his life. But I'm working on being better at it.

Either way. It's water under the bridge and I am now posting new images of Deacon Cole Phung. He was born on March 24th 2010 @ 10:54pm, weighs 7.4lbs and is 20.5 inches tall.

Here is a short video and a few images for your enjoyment.

Christmas 2008

Kyson and his cousin Taven.

1st Birthday

So our finicky kid hates eating (hence why he's so skinny) and he doesn't really like getting his hands dirty. Needless to say, eating his birthday cake was a chore. He really got mad when I forced his hand in the cake and put some cake on his face. He was so pissed and the first close shot of his face says it all. I'm sure that won't be the last time he looks at me with disgust.

Tub Time

Halloween 2008

I threw on Kyson's mask while we were outside and the trick or treaters were distracting him. He forgot about it and left his mask on the whole night even though he could barely see out of it. I couldn't believe it.

Pumpkin Patch....

We went a little crazy on photos at the Pumpkin Patch. Since we are bad about updating this at times. i thought it was better to splurge. that way people can't say there aren't any new pictures. Now there's enough for at least 3 days.... ;)

Sheree feels at home here. 
She grew up in a town where people drove alternative vehicles threw the town as transportation.

Yahoo... let's go! (notice how he has no hair on the sides of his head)...

Also he has bangs...

A little more room please!...

"Hey Kid. Want some candy?"

"Children of the Corn"

Where's the TV?? Isn't Oprah on soon! 
Sheree and Kyson love watching TV. 
If Sheree met a man named "TV" i'd be single again.
Let's hope!!!...LOL

Kyson has had about enough on photos at this point.

Yup. Sheree took this. it only took about 100 photos to get this one shot...

and this one...

Kyson wouldn't touch the pumpkins. He must have hated the texture on them.

Finally! He touched his first pumpkin.